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Primordia Foods

Our Facility

The growing grounds of our produce.

Our grow house is locally located in Bloomington, IL. We use this space to inoculate our mushroom cultures, plant microgreens, harvest our produce, keep the grow site sterile and fresh, and package our products.

After previously using Midwest sourced mushroom blocks, we were able to create our own cultures. These cultures ensure our ability to monitor the quality, consistency, and volume of our product.

Recently, our facility has been undergoing renovations to better complete orders and grow microgreens. We are hoping to expand our reach beyond Northern and Central Illinois. 

Our Story

and mission statement

A Community

A primordia by definition is an organ or tissue in its earliest, recognizable stage of development. We are observing a renaissance in agriculture, art, music, and culture. This change in everything that allows a community to be authentic, is where Primordia Foods starts.

Primordia's intent is to inspire and create a platform, a network that acts as the roots to art and agriculture. We are a movement focused on magnifying the heart and passion that goes into the creation of advantageous items that are beneficial to the evolution of the creator and the observer.

Primordia Foods is a company that is dedicated to growing fresh food and day of harvest delivery to farmer's markets, consumers, restaurants, and grocers. We consist of three best friends that enjoy the science and constantly evolving world of mycology. As a group, we look forward to utilizing our skill-set and continuing to learn and grow with our community.

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