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Lion's Mane

Description: A very medicinal mushroom and nootropic that is great for the mind being the only known deterrent of alzheimer's and dementia. It also aids in improving cognition through a process called neurogenesis.

Flavor profile: Seafood/Lobster flavor

king Oyster

Description: A great mushroom for the immune system. Oysters have been shown to be a very effective treatment for various flu viruses including h1n1 and h1n5 along with small pox among several other diseases.

Flavor profile: The taste of oyster mushrooms is comparable to the common portabella mushroom, but much heartier and meatier!All oysters have a slighty different flavor but generally have a texture comparable to chicken and a rich mushroom flavor.


DescriptioN: one of our most popular strains. It doesn't cook down much and can blend with any dish. They are a very versatile mushroom and great in many recipes as they function as a meat substitute while also pairing well with meat!

Flavor Profile: It's delicious sauteed, baked, used as a steak rubs, or on it's own in salads. However you prefer them, oyster mushrooms are sure to compliment any dish that comes to mind!

BLACK PEARl oyster

DescriptioN: Black Pearl oyster is similar to other Oysters and is great in recipes that call for oyster or great on it's own!

Flavor Profile: This mushroom has a great umami flavor and has a slight peppery aftertaste!

pink oySTER

Description: Pink Oyster's are gorgeous and look as good as they taste!

Flavor ProfilE: Pink Oysters have a similar flavor to other oysters but have an incredible flavor similar to bacon or pork! An amazing mushroom with lots of culinary potential!


Description: great for your immune system and have gorgeous amberish orange caps! The chestnut mushrooms fare very well in cream sauces, added to any sort of stir fry and excels in miso and other broth soups! They can have a crunchy texture and nutty flavor! They work well in any recipe that requires white button mushrooms as they are a strain of white button with a bolder flavor than standard white button mushrooms. we can grow these with the caps closed and will have more of the taste of a cremini mushroom if desired. Also taste great sauteed and in omelettes!

Flavor profile: Crunchy and nutty! check our page and Facebook for recipes!


*Strains vary on weekly basis.


-Daikon Radish

-Waltham 29 Broccoli

-Basic/Spicy Salad Mix

-Beet's Blood

-Wasabi Mustard


*All microgreens are known to remove free radicals in the body that create waste cells such as alcohol, nicotine, fatty acids, etc. Microgreens have 4-40 times the nutrients of a fully grown mature vegetable.

*Strains vary on weekly basis.

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