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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I create an account on Primordia's website? What are the purposes of an account?
    To purchase merchandise or artwork from our website, you will need to create an account on our website. To do this you only need an email account that we can reach you at. The link for this can be found on the upper right hand of any page!
  • How can I buy mushrooms?
    To purchase any of our produce, attend an event near you. Our events can be found under the upcoming events page. To get there use the menu located at the top of your screen! We are preparing to begin shipping our product, however this is still in the works.
  • How can I become a featured artist?
    If you contact us through our website, we will get the correspondence and send information! You may also seperately email us at our company email.
  • How long do mushrooms last?
    The average shelf life of our mushroom produce can vary from one to two weeks. The life is often dependant on storage conditions. This can be elongated if they are put in the freezer, however they will not be as fresh.
  • How long do microgreens last?
    The shelf life of our microgreens are about the same as our mushrooms, one to two weeks. However, this can be elongated with the use of a freezer. The best way to store them isto use a tighly sealed container. Before closing the container, it is recommended by our experts to use a slightly moist paper towel set on top of the microgreens and then seal the container.
  • Are my purchases still good to use if they begin to wilt?
    Yes! The perfect answer for wilting mushrooms or microgreens to use them to make soups or smoothies. It is a great method to use when trying to prevent food waste. The biggest factor to take into consideration is if there is any growth or molding.
  • How do I wash my produce?
    You should use only water to wash your produce. A vegetable brush can be used on harder or thicker vegetables, but will typically ruin the structure of our products.
  • How should I cut my produce?
    There is not a recommended way to cut them, however it can vary from mushrooms to microgreens. Mushrooms can be chopped or sliced into smaller pieces, while microgreens can be left as is or diced to be added into a recipe. For more information about ways to use and cook our produce, check out our Recipe page. The Recipe page is located in the menu at the top of your screen!
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